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What is cSurvey

cSurvey is a software developed for the design of cave surveys.
Designed by Federico Cendron and written by Federico Cendron and Petr Koveshnikov, provides an intuitive interface for data transcription, the analysis of the centerline and the design of plan and section.
Based on Therion calculation engine has functions for managing loops errors and many other sophisticated features provided by this engine, all accessible from a simple and uniform interface.
It has its own graphics engine for vector design created specifically for the unique needs of the caving survey.
The project is currently under development.

In this site you can find all the information about the project, its progress and the latest updates and, in the download section, you can freely download the latest version of the program.

The software and the site translation are in progress. Some pages are still in Italian only.

For information, questions and suggestions, please write to info(AT)csurvey.it
Any contribution is welcome.

Under the patronage of

Federazione Speleologica
dell'Emilia Romagna

With the contribution and support of

Corpo Volontario Soccorso Civile

Gruppo Speleologico Bolognese -
Unione Speleologica Bolognese


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Thanks to Commissione Grotte E. Boegan and Fluido Tv you can see here a full cSurvey's tutorial: an (almost) complete video guide.
Click here for details.

Questions? Bugs? suggestions?
Take a look at forum
Sorry, most topic are in italian but you are free to write also in english...

Last update



  • fixed bug on splay calculation;
  • fixed bug on opening survey with relative inversion;
  • fixed bug on saving survey with some strange data in splay;
  • fixed bug adding a new shot in a survey without sessions;
  • fixed bug on crosssection and on SVG import;
  • fixed bug on planimetric length calculation;
  • fixed bug in selection new point on curve;
  • fixed image orientation (now taken from exif data);
  • fixed bug on default session in main editor;
  • fixed bug in station's management generating upper and lower case stations;
  • fixed bug in restoring zoom after survey loading from file.


  • crosssection from TopoDroid;
  • improvement in text file import and new XLSX import;
  • improvement in cSurvey import.
  • new drawing functions:
    - last drawed point
    - double click on point make it the last drawed point
    - starting drawing a curve:
        - pressing A -> curve start from last drawed point
        - pressing S -> curve start from last drawed point and point are joined
        - pressing D -> curve continue the previously drawed object (if possibile);
      All these function are all binded to buttons in the bottom of drawing area.
  • Improvement in export data from grid;
  • improvement in Therion data management: now cave and branch are correctly managed;
  • new design objects: scale, legend, compass and information box;
  • new property 'Affinity': an object could be part of design or extra design (like legend).
    - single object could be visible by scale;
    - single object could be visible by profile;
  • print/export area visible in designer;
  • scale specific options for 'extra' affinity objects.