• Increase font size
  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size



  • fixed a lot of bugs, mainly in UI.


  • added support for attachments in design. Now it's possibile to add a generic file direct into the design (plan or profile/extended elevation). For image and audio file you could also use an internal viewer/player.
  • added support for attachments in shots;
  • added support for calibration's shot. Is not possibile, at now, to see the calibration's result;
  • added support for cross section in plan and for horizontal cross section (for pits);
  • now it's possibile to bind a graphical object direct to a specific cross section (not only for proximity);
  • now it's possibile to enlarge dimension of anchor'p points (usefull for hi resolution/DPI);
  • changed internal log. Now log are viewed in console.

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